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1-0101 OpenText Content Server Knowledge Fundamentals

Duration: 3 days

Knowledge Fundamentals is a 3-day course that provides the core information you need to manage your organization's intellectual capital using Content Server. Designed for all Content Server users, the Knowledge Fundamentals Course provides a thorough understanding of core Content Server functionality.


  • Navigating through Content Server and use the various Content Server tools
  • Sharing your knowledge
  • Managing documents
  • Collaboration tools for business users
  • Personalizing your user environment
  • Finding information fast

On Completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Share information with colleagues
  • Locate information
  • Work with Compound Documents
  • Control Access to information
  • Set up Projects for team environments
  • Initiate and manage work processes
  • Personalize your user environment
  • Collaborate with others to solve business problems and drive business process


The Knowledge Fundamentals course is designed for all Content Server users.


  • Familiarity with Windows, a Windows-based word processing package, and a Web browser
  • Basic knowledge of office applications
  • Knowledge of the ways your organization needs to manage intellectual capital will be beneficial



    1. An Introduction to Content Server
    2. Get Your Bearings
    3. Sharing Your Knoweldge
    4. Managing Documents
    5. Access Content Easily
    6. Personalizing Your User Environment
    7. Finding Information Fast
    8. Making Information Easier to Find with Metadata
    9. Working with Compound Documents
    10. Setting Up Your Team Environment
    11. Collaboration Tools
    12. Initiating and Managing Work Processes
    13. Building Your Content Server Community
    14. Access Control Basics
    15. Changing Permission with Confidence
    16. Design Your Community Environment
    17. Next Steps: Decisions and Directions


    1. Glossary
    2. Using Enterprise Connect
    3. Using OpenText Tempo Box
    4. Using OpenText ECM Everywhere
    5. Content Server System Design Specification Template


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