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3-4181 Production Document Management: Administration (formerly 781)

Duration: 5 days

This workshop teaches how to administer and to install PDMS (formerly Livelink ECM PDMS) including the necessary steps for installation preparation and troubleshooting.

  • Architecture
  • Adminsitration of the UMS, Context and Application Server
  • Installing and configuring the User Management Server, the Content Server, PDMS and related tools (in theory on different OS, in exercise on Windows with MS-SQL and JBOSS)
  • Logging, Auditing, Recovery & Backup Options

Within the 781 class, it is also possible to take part in a certification exam. The certification consists of an exam with written and practical parts. The written part requires administrative skills such as those taught in 780 PDMS Customizing. Obtaining certification may involve further requirements.


  • Members of Customer Competence Center (CCC)
  • Support partners
  • Installation partners
  • Experienced customers


Attending 780 Customizing is strongly recommended.


Format Currency Price
Per Student at Open Text Site € - Germany  3,500.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site AUD  4,000.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site CHF  5,750.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site GBP  2,750.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site SGD  4,000.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site USD  4,475.00 

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