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5-0161a OpenText Consultant Certification (formerly 421a)

Duration: 5 days

THIS COURSE IS AVAILABLE ONLY IN EUROPE. Content Server certification is a challenging program that delivers technical know-how, provides “real world” experiences and immerses the student in the building of a Content Server solution. This 5 day certification is designed to meet the needs of those individuals who wish to attain certification to compliment their Content Server expertise. Students must have prerequisite knowledge by attending a number of courses or equivalent. OpenText also offers a full 10 day program that assumes little or no Content Server Server experience for those who do not meet the prerequisites. The program is an intensive but rewarding experience.

The program has been designed to serve and provide a means for those organizations with highly skilled Consultants to achieve certification. It includes a review of the certification material, eLearning, role-playing with a ‘customer’, the development and presentation of a proof of concept, and exams.

Participants will find the experience challenging but highly rewarding, and will have the dedicated support of experienced OpenText mentors throughout the duration of the program.

Certification will be awarded to participants who achieve a passing grade in their assessments – through exams and a team project solution assessment.

Course Outline,


Consultants, Administrators, and Knowledge Managers who want to achieve certification as Content Server Certified Consultants.


Students who registered for this certification are required to have completed the following Courses:

  • 101 Knowledge Fundamentals (3 days)
  • 229 Records Management & Physical Objects(2 days)
  • 232 Workflow Design (3 days)
  • 223 Designing and Implementing Forms (1 day)
  • 209 Advanced Schema and LiveReports (1 day)


Format Currency Price
Per Student at Open Text Site € - Benelux  3,750.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site € - France  4,000.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site AUD  4,000.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site CHF  5,750.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site GBP  2,800.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site SGD  4,000.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site USD  4,975.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site ZAR  48,000.00 

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Extra expenses: Customer site course prices do not include instructor travel expenses, which are billed separately.

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