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3-4001 BPM Server: Advanced BPM Customizing and Administration (formerly 783)

Duration: 3 days

THIS COURSE IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN EUROPE. How does the User Management interact with an external User Repository? How can Inbox Views be customized? Where is Code necessary? How can I distinguish these levels of code? Is there a way to start Workflows automatically? How does BPM interact with other Applications? These and other questions are answered during this course to give you a more complete view of this very powerful Workflow Framework.

User Management

  • Connection to the external domains
  • Configuration of Single Sign On

Advanced Reports

  • Grouping, Sorting, pie charts
  • Inbox views

Process Designer

  • Process Routing (Split/Join, Sub-Process)

Distinguishing Programming Levels

  • Scripting
  • Forms
  • Agents
  • Start Processes from outside
  • Connecting to Web Services

Integration of BPM with PDMS, Content Server and eDOCS

  • Attributes in Repository
  • DMS Controls
  • Specific Agent Steps (only eDOCS)

Integration of BPM with SAP

  • WfXML
  • .NET


Technical Consultants, Software Developers.



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