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3-1410 Email Archiving Lotus Notes Administration (formerly 745)

Duration: 3 days

Participants learn how to install, configure, use and administer OpenText Email Archiving for Lotus Notes and OpenText Email Management for Lotus Notes.

NOTE: The connection to an existing Archive Server & Content Server are established. (The installation of Archive Server, Content Server and Lotus Domino is not part of the course).

Email Archiving Lotus Notes

  • Overview of Email Archiving Lotus Notes
  • Architectures and fundamentals
  • Features of Email Archiving Lotus notes

Installation and Setup

  • Preparation and realization
  • Component interaction
  • Archiving maintenance with the Administration tool

    • Enabling/Disabling archiving for mail users
    • Archiving Profiles
    • Usage scenarios
    • Maintaining the Infrastructure

    Monitoring and Troubleshooting

    • Logging functionality
    • Typical problems


    Archive Server administrators, Lotus Domino administators, Project Managers and team members of Email Archiving projects with Lotus Notes.


    Course 710 Archive Server Administration, Course 215 System and Search Administration, Lotus Notes administration skills, good IT knowledge, Basic understanding of Enterprise Server is useful.


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