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Log4j Remote Code Execution

v2.x to 2.17.0 (CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-4046, CVE-2021-45105, CVE-2021-44832)

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

  1. OpenText is aware of the reported Log4j vulnerabilities

    On December 10th, NIST published information about a vulnerability affecting Log4j, an extremely popular Java logging utility. CVE-2021-44228 has a CVSS score of 10, the most critical rating. OpenText immediately began to remediate our products. OpenText has dedicated security teams that are constantly monitoring for vulnerabilities and new threats.

    • After CVE-2021-44228, additional Log4j 2.x vulnerabilities have been reported
      • CVE-2021-45046 December 14th, CVSS score 9.0 critical, resolved in Log4j 2.16
      • CVE-2021-45105 December 18th, CVSS score 7.5 high, resolved in Log4j 2.17
      • CVE-2021-44832 December 28th, CVSS score 6.6 medium, resolved in Log4j 2.17.1

    With each new disclosure, OpenText has adjusted mitigation and remediation responses. OpenText is currently utilizing Log4j version 2.17.x in our full remediation strategy.

    As the situation continues to evolve, customers with OpenText products deployed in their environments may also need to go back and adjust already implemented controls and fixes. In general, if the remediation steps already followed involved replacing the Log4j versions with 2.16 or 2.17, it is recommended repeating these steps using Log4j 2.17.1. If the updates to Log4j came via a patch/fix provided by OpenText, please continue to monitor the product specific knowledge base articles below for updates.

    OpenText is continually reassessing our products and services based on newly available information. You should expect future patches from many software companies including OpenText through our standard processes.

    The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has released a helpful tool in providing awareness, scanning and remediation.

  2. Is OpenText investigating the exposure to products and services?

    OpenText implements a Secure Development Lifecycle that includes CI/CD, Supply Chain Security, 3rd Party Component Monitoring. OpenText is reviewing all products and services to assess the potential impact of the vulnerability and deploy required actions to address issues when identified.

  3. Has OpenText implemented patches and mitigation measures for the Log4j vulnerability?

    For solutions hosted by OpenText mitigating controls are in place (see list below). OpenText has implemented the required Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) signatures at an ingress layer to block malicious traffic resulting from a Log4j CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability. The IPS rules applied will detect the condition, alert and block attacks based on this vulnerability. OpenText continue to work to do a rigorous assessment of any possible additional vulnerability and plan for the additional potential mitigation steps.

    Based on industry best practices, manufacturer recommendations, and the technical requirements for the vulnerabilities, OpenText understands that it is currently employing the necessary security safeguards and prevention strategies. OpenText will remediate affected products and services in conformance with industry best practices. We will also continue to engage with our suppliers to help ensure that their services reflect OpenText’s security posture.

    The following OpenText Cloud services have one or more mitigation controls and/or full remediation in place.

    OpenText™ Active Catalogue
    OpenText™ Active Community
    OpenText™ Active Documents Mobile
    OpenText™ Active Intelligence
    OpenText™ Active Invoices with Compliance
    OpenText™ Active Orders
    OpenText™ Alloy™
    OpenText™ ANX Engineering IT Managed Services
    OpenText™ Application Integrator
    OpenText™ AppWorks Platform
    OpenText™ AS2 Outsourcing Service
    OpenText™ Axcelerate™ Cloud
    OpenText™ BizManager™
    OpenText™ Brazil Interchange Services
    OpenText™ Business Network
    OpenText™ Captiva™
    OpenText™ Cloud Capture
    OpenText™ Community Onboarding
    OpenText™ ComplianceLink
    OpenText™ Content Suite Platform
    OpenText™ Contivo™
    OpenText™ Core Capture
    OpenText™ Core Case Management
    OpenText™ Core Content
    OpenText™ Core Experience Insights
    OpenText™ Core for Building Information Modelling
    OpenText™ Core for Capital Projects
    OpenText™ Core for Federated Compliance
    OpenText™ Core for Regulatory Plans
    OpenText™ Core for SAP® SuccessFactors®
    OpenText™ Core for Supplier Exchange
    OpenText™ Core for Trading Grid
    OpenText™ Core Share
    OpenText™ Core Signature
    OpenText™ Covisint Connect
    OpenText™ CSP
    OpenText™ Desktop EDI
    OpenText™ Desktop ESN
    OpenText™ Desktop Messaging
    OpenText™ Digital Asset Management for SAP® Solutions
    OpenText™ Documentum™
    OpenText™ Documentum™ eRoom™
    OpenText™ Documentum™ for Capital Projects
    OpenText™ Documentum™ for Life Sciences
    OpenText™ EasyLink EDI Managed Services
    OpenText™ EasyLink EDI Service Bureau
    OpenText™ EasyLink EDI VAN (GMS)
    OpenText™ EasyLINK EDI VAN (ICC.NET)
    OpenText™ EasyLink EWS
    OpenText™ EasyLink IBP (& FTS)
    OpenText™ EasyLink TradeGateway
    OpenText™ ecXpress
    OpenText™ e-Learning and Collaboration Portal
    OpenText™ EMR-Link™
    OpenText™ EMR-Link™
    OpenText™ Enterprise Gateway
    OpenText Exstream™ Private Cloud
    OpenText™ Extended ECM for Engineering
    OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft® Office 365™
    OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions, Cloud Edition
    OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® SuccessFactors®
    OpenText™ Extended ECM Platform
    OpenText™ Extended ECM Platform, Cloud Edition
    OpenText™ Fax2EDI
    OpenText™ Fax2Mail™
    OpenText™ Freeway Cloud
    OpenText™ Freeway Entry
    OpenText™ Freeway Professional
    OpenText™ HVE
    OpenText™ Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    OpenText™ InfoArchive
    OpenText™ Information Exchange (IE)
    OpenText™ Information Exchange Extension (IEEX)
    OpenText™ Inovisworks
    OpenText™ Insight
    OpenText™ Intelligent Web Forms
    OpenText™ Internet of Things (IoT) Platform
    OpenText™ Legal Hold
    OpenText™ Lens™
    OpenText™ Liaison ADX
    OpenText™ Liaison ANIlinker
    OpenText™ Liaison Athena
    OpenText™ Liaison CommerceSuite
    OpenText™ Liaison CSOS
    OpenText™ Liaison Delta
    OpenText™ Liaison DXP
    OpenText™ Liaison ECS
    OpenText™ Liaison EDI Notepad
    OpenText™ Liaison Exchange Network
    OpenText™ Liaison Softshare VAN
    OpenText™ Liaison Partner Connect
    OpenText™ Liaison Webspan
    OpenText™ Liaison ZMOD
    OpenText™ Life Sciences Smart View
    OpenText™ Managed File Transfer Service
    OpenText™ Managed File Transfer Service
    OpenText™ Managed Remote Printers and Data Lines
    OpenText™ Media Management
    OpenText™ MedNX
    OpenText™ MedNX AutoPrint
    OpenText™ Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)
    OpenText™ NCM (Net Community Manager)
    OpenText™ Notifications
    OpenText™ OT2 Developer Experience
    OpenText™ Perceptiv
    OpenText™ Physician Office Gateway
    OpenText™ Physician Office Nodes
    OpenText™ PositivePro
    OpenText™ Production Messaging (BMS)
    OpenText™ Production Messaging (XDDS)
    OpenText™ Protect™
    OpenText™ Providerlink™ (PL)
    OpenText™ Secure MFT
    OpenText™ Straight Through Processing
    OpenText™ Supplier Connection
    OpenText™ Supplier Portal
    OpenText™ Supply On-Line
    OpenText™ SWIFT Service Bureau
    OpenText™ Team Center Web
    OpenText™ TeamSite™ Cloud
    OpenText™ TradeWeb
    OpenText™ Trading Grid™
    OpenText™ Trading Grid™ Analytics
    OpenText™ Trading Grid™ Community Projects
    OpenText™ Trading Grid™ Messaging Service
    OpenText™ Tunnelz
    OpenText™ Velocity
    OpenText™ Zix CloudAlly Backup
    OpenText™ Zix Email Encryption
    OpenText™ Zix Email Message Privacy
    OpenText™ Zix Email Threat Protection
    OpenText™ Zix Hosted Exchange/ECS
    OpenText™ Zix Information Archive
    OpenText™ Zix Secure Cloud
    OpenText™ ZixPort
    SAP® Document Presentment by OpenText™

  4. Where can customers find more information about whether Apache Log4j is used with the OpenText products they are running off cloud and the mitigation steps available?

    OpenText is taking the necessary steps to help our customers stay secure and provide the mitigation steps for OpenText products which use Log4j. Please refer to the table below for a list of affected / unaffected products and related Knowledge Base articles that outline product-specific customer mitigation strategies (KBxxxxxxxx links require a My Support login to access).

    Note: All Webroot, MailStore, BrightCloud, Hightail, and most Carbonite products and services are unaffected by the Log4j vulnerability.

    ProductAffected by Log4j vulnerabilityWorkaroundAdditional information
    Accell IDS No    
    Accell SQL No    
    Active Intelligence No   KB20008136
    Alchemy No   KB19934097
    Alchemy Document Server No   KB19934097
    Alloy No   KB0011037
    Application Governance and Archiving for Microsoft SharePoint Yes KB19987392  
    Application Integrator No   KB19949152
    ApplicationXtender No   KB19969629
    AppWorks Gateway Yes KB19887439  
    AppWorks Platform Yes KB19859921  
    APxCelerator Yes KB19865030  
    Archive Center Yes KB19864995  
    Archiving and Document Access for SAP® Solutions Yes KB19960833  
    Assure No   KB20015086
    Auto-Classification No   KB19926785
    Axcelerate Yes KB19885828  
    AXS-One COOL No   KB19893111
    AXS-One RCM No   KB19893111
    BI and Reporting Yes KB19942981  
    BizManager Yes KB19944629  
    Blazon Enterprise No   KB19876234
    Blazon for Content Suite No   KB19875314
    Brava! Desktop No   KB19861808
    Brava! Enterprise No   KB19860604
    Brava! for Content Suite Yes KB19863279  
    Brava! for Documentum D2 No   KB20046858
    Brava! for IBM No   KB19935718
    Brava! for Microsoft SharePoint No   KB19889870
    BrightCloud No   View article
    Business Center Capture No   KB19886985
    Business Center for SAP No    
    Business Center for SAP Solutions No KB19885157  
    Business Intelligence No   KB19922547
    Capture Center No   KB19944602
    Capture Document Reader No   KB19948523
    Capture Full Page Reader No   KB19948434
    Capture Recognition Engine No   KB19949256
    Carbonite Availability No   View article
    Carbonite Backup for Microsoft 365 No   View article
    Carbonite Endpoint No   View article
    Carbonite Migrate No   View article
    Carbonite Recover No   View article
    Carbonite Safe Backup No   View article
    Carbonite Safe Backup Pro No   View article
    Carbonite Safe Portal for Partners No   View article
    Carbonite Safe Server Backup No   View article
    Case360 No   KB19859900
    Collections Server Webtop Suite No   KB19866914
    Connector for Epic (C4E) No    
    Content Bridge No   KB20009622
    Content Connect No   KB19928599
    Content Hub for Publishers Yes   KB19918126
    Content Server Yes KB19860761  
    Content Server Mobile No   KB20017544
    Content Suite Platform Add-on for Microsoft Office Online Server No   KB20012916
    Content Suite Viewer No   KB19892651
    Contivo (VMS, Analyst, Builder, Repository, Map Intuition, Reporter) No    
    Contract Center No   KB20026005
    ControlHub No   KB19960596
    Controlled Viewing and Printing (CVP) No    
    Core Archive Connector Yes KB19866831  
    Core Archive for SAP Solutions Yes KB19961296  
    Core for Federated Compliance Yes KB19876904  
    Core for Regulatory Plans Yes KB20102338  
    Core for SAP SuccessFactors Yes KB19938834  
    Core Experience CDP Yes KB20058338  
    Core Experience Insights No   KB20056319
    CSB Agent – IBM iSeries No   View article
    CSB Agent – Windows No   View article
    CSB Agent VRA No   View article
    CSB Appliances Yes View article  
    CSB Evault Reports No   View article
    CSB Portal No   View article
    CSOS No    
    CX-E Voice No   KB19882233
    Daegis No    
    Data Server No    
    Dataserver ELS No    
    DB Integrator No    
    Decisiv/MindServer Yes KB19879202  
    Delivery Server No   KB19892893
    Desktop EDI No   KB19950724
    Digital Asset Management for SAP Solutions Yes KB19881466   
    Directory Services (OTDS) Yes KB19870219  
    Discovery Server No   KB19882384
    Document & Report Management (Gauss VIP) No   KB19893998
    Document Pipeline 21.2 Yes KB19867428  
    Document Presentment for SAP® Solutions Yes KB20083568  
    Documentum Administrator Yes KB19869654  
    Documentum Archive Services for SAP Solutions Yes KB19865257  
    Documentum for Asset Operations Yes KB19869761  
    Documentum Branch Office Caching Services Yes KB19865325  
    Documentum Composer Yes KB19902357  
    Documentum Connector for Core Share Yes KB19870629  
    Documentum Connector for Sharepoint Yes KB19871673  
    Documentum Content Intelligence Service No   KB20010121
    Documentum Content Management Interoperability Services Yes KB19871207  
    Documentum Content Services for SAP Solutions Yes KB19871790  
    Documentum Content Transformation Services - Documents Yes KB19865429  
    Documentum D2 Yes KB19871105  
    Documentum eRoom No   KB19929616
    Documentum Federated Search (FS2) No   KB20006904
    Documentum for Capital Projects Yes KB19897997  
    Documentum Foundation Classes Yes KB19865234  
    Documentum Foundation Services Yes KB19862725  
    Documentum Healthcare Integration Portfolio Epic Integration Yes KB20045373  
    Documentum Information Rights Management (IRM) No    
    Documentum Interactive Delivery Services/Documentum Interactive Delivery Services Accelerated Yes KB19874710  
    Documentum for Life Sciences Yes KB19897646  
    Documentum Records Suite Yes KB19883786  
    Documentum Reports Yes KB20061100  
    Documentum Rest Services Yes KB19869560  
    Documentum Server 20.3 and earlier No   KB19925731
    Documentum Server 20.4 to 21.4 Yes KB19864717  
    Documentum Webtop Yes KB19871815  
    Documentum xCP Yes KB19867152  
    Documentum xPlore Yes KB19910611  
    DOMEA No   KB20008823
    eForms Management No   KB20052371
    Edge No    
    eDOCS Suite (OpenText Document Management, eDOCS Edition) No   KB19876819
    Electronic Signatures No    
    Email Archiving / Management / Monitoring for Lotus Notes Yes KB20031412  
    Email Archiving / Management / Monitoring for Microsoft Exchange No   KB19915438
    Employee File Management for SAP Solutions Yes KB20053517  
    emVision360 No   KB19958341
    EnCase Endpoint Investigator No    
    EnCase Endpoint Security No    
    EnCase Forensic No    
    EnCase Information Assurance No    
    EnCase Mobile Investigator No    
    EnCase product line No   KB19871613
    EnCase SAFE and Agent No    
    Enterprise Connect / Office Editor No   KB20003482
    Enterprise Gateway Yes  KB19992629   
    Enterprise Library Yes KB19914843  
    ETPrint No    
    Exceed No   KB19894621
    Exceed onDemand No   KB19860403
    Exceed TurboX No   KB19839932
    Exceed XDK No    
    Exceed 3D No    
    Exchange Commerce Suite No    
    Execute360 No   KB19904306
    Expedite No   KB20001543
    Export Connector for Content Server No   KB20056601
    Exstream Yes KB19892965  
    Exstream (Cloud-native) Yes KB19896296  
    Exstream (Server-based) Yes KB19892986  
    Exstream - AFP Studio No    
    Exstream - Command Center & Delivery Manager No    
    Exstream - Communications Server No    
    Exstream - Connectors No    
    Exstream - Empower (Editor) No    
    Exstream Command Center No    
    Exstream Delivery Manager No   KB19969127
    Exstream Design and Production (Core) and Communication Server Yes KB19892986  
    Exstream Floating License Server Yes KB19892783  
    Exstream for Salesforce Yes KB20016801  
    Extended ECM Documentum for Salesforce Yes KB20042999  
    Extended ECM Documentum for SAP Solutions Yes KB20013636  
    Extended ECM for Engineering Yes KB20057945  
    Extended ECM for Engineering CE Yes KB20052426  
    Extended ECM for Government Yes KB19931739  
    Extended ECM for Microsoft Office 365 Yes KB19938003  
    Extended ECM for Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Yes KB19931002  
    Extended ECM for Oracle E-Business Suite Yes KB19967842  
    Extended ECM for Salesforce Yes KB19935505  
    Extended ECM for SAP Solutions Yes KB20005209  
    Extended ECM for SAP Solutions, Cloud Edition Yes KB19931074  
    Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors Yes KB19954987  
    Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Yes KB19955406  
    Extended ECM Platform Yes KB20007423  
    Extended ECM Platform, Cloud Edition Yes KB19930780  
    File Intelligence No   KB19930081
    File360 Yes KB19853994  
    FirstClass No   KB19906445
    Freeway Entry S2 No   KB19990250
    Freeway Professional S2 No   KB19986954
    Gupta No   KB19895664
    Gupta Accell/IDS No    
    Gupta Accell/SQL No    
    Gupta Enterprise No   KB19969108
    Gupta Team Developer Mobile No   KB19970246
    Gupta Vision No    
    GXS TrustedLink Enterprise No   KB19967213
    Hightail No   View article
    HostExplorer No   KB19895120
    IDM Browser Client for Unix (IBCU) No   KB20001115
    IDM Integrated Document Management No   KB20010155
    IDM Server No   KB20004166
    IDM Web Viewer No   KB20001608
    IDM Web Services Toolkit for Unix (IWSTU) No   KB19995013
    Imaging Enterprise Scan No   KB19920406
    Imaging Web Viewer Yes KB19866869  
    Imaging Windows Viewer No   KB19918950
    InfoArchive Yes KB19873820  
    Information Extraction Service No   KB19886985
    Insight No   KB20172362
    Intelligent Capture No   KB19876794
    Intelligent Capture for SAP Solutions No   KB19886985
    Intelligent Viewing Yes KB19900522  
    Intelligent Filing Analysis Tool No   KB19946337
    Invoice Capture Center No   KB19886985
    iServer Varies KB19919840  
    iServerREST Yes KB19952436  
    ISIS Drivers No   KB20008031
    Keyfile No   KB19947811
    Keyflow No   KB20019587
    Knowledge Exchange No   KB19931105
    Kodak IAS for CICS No   KB20021058
    LearnFlex No    
    Legal Hold No   KB20021294
    Liaison Commerce Suite No    
    Liaison CSOS No   KB0011039
    Liaison Delta No   KB0011038
    Liaison ECS Yes KB0011037  
    Liaison EDI Notepad No   KB0011040
    Liaison Protect No    
    Liaison ZMOD No   KB0011042
    Library Management No   KB19898202
    Life Sciences Smart View (LSSV) Yes KB20035624  
    Life Sciences Solution (LSS) Yes KB19897646  
    Liquid Office No   KB19860637
    LiveSite No   KB19848875
    LiveSite Mobile No    
    Magellan Analytics Engine Yes KB19946290  
    Magellan Cloud Data Replicator Yes KB19935482  
    Magellan Connector for Archive Center No    
    Magellan Connector for eDocs No    
    Magellan Connector for Microsoft SharePoint No    
    Magellan Data Discovery Yes KB19903314  
    Magellan Data Discovery Spark Gateway Yes KB19930754  
    Magellan Integration Center No   KB19922930
    Magellan Integration Center Web Applications Yes KB19954924  
    Magellan Integration Center Web Publisher Yes KB19954230  
    Magellan Integration Services Yes KB19922859  
    Magellan Java Components Yes KB19939805  
    Magellan Launchpad Yes KB19926944  
    Magellan Notebook No   KB19921083
    Magellan Risk Guard Yes KB19910588  
    Magellan Text Mining Yes KB19895098  
    Mailstore No    
    MailStore Gateway No   View article
    Mailstore Home No   View article
    MailStore Server No   View article
    MailStore Service Provider No   View article
    Master Installer No    
    MBPM No   KB19906015
    Media Management, Cloud Edition Yes KB19876483  
    OTMM Digital Media Hub Yes KB19875484  
    MediaBin No   KB19893132
    MedNX AutoPrint No    
    Metrics Management No   KB19919636
    MFTaaS No    
    MIM No   KB19903743
    My Documentum for Microsoft Outlook No   KB20006950
    My Documentum for the Desktop (File Share Services) No   KB20017581
    NFS No   KB19896221
    NFS Gateway No    
    NFS Server No    
    NFS Solo No    
    NXJ No    
    Object Importer, Records Management Edition No   KB20012216
    ODOC No    
    OpenDeploy No   KB19848875
    OpenText Core Experience Insights Orchestration Client Yes KB19976361  
    OpenText Portal No    
    Output Archive Yes KB20024072  
    Output Manager No   KB19920430
    Output Manager Interface for SAP No    
    Output Server Yes KB19888137  
    Output Server Web Delivery Yes KB19886307  
    Output Transformation Yes KB19874919  
    PDF Publishing No   KB20014514
    PixTools No   KB19941869
    PixTools for .NET No   KB19945805
    PixTools for Web No   KB20008228
    PowerDocs Yes KB19914370  
    PositivePro No    
    Process Intelligence No   KB20037758
    Process360 No   KB19935288
    ProVision No   KB19933219
    Qfiniti Yes KB19865172  
    Quick Delivery Service (QDS) Yes KB19955479  
    Records Management No   KB20035870
    Records Suite Yes KB19883786  
    Remote Cache No    
    Rendition Server No   KB19885534
    Report Builder No    
    Report Pack for WebReports No    KB20043988
    Report & Output Management (VP) No   KB19920430
    Reports Manager No   KB19934120
    RightFax No   KB19893854
    RightFax Connect No   KB19936069
    RightFax Express No   KB19935407
    RightFax Healthcare Direct No    
    RKYV No    KB19864953
    RosettaNet Solution No    
    SAP Archiving and Document Access by OpenText Yes KB19960833  
    SAP Archiving and Document Access Core by OpenText Yes KB19960833  
    SAP Extended ECM by OpenText, add-on for Microsoft Office 365 Yes KB19931002  
    SAP Extended ECM for Government by OpenText Yes KB19931739  
    SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management by OpenText Yes KB19931074  
    SAP Information Capture by OpenText No   KB19886985
    SAP Invoice Management by OpenText No   KB19885157
    SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Invoice Management by OpenText, Extended Edition No   KB19885157
    SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Invoice Management by OpenText, Private Cloud Edition No   KB19885157
    SAP SuccessFactors Document Management Core by OpenText Yes KB19938834  
    SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM by OpenText Yes KB19954987  
    SAP Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) No    
    Scout No    
    Secure MFT No   KB19862999
    Secure Shell No    
    SOCKS Client No   KB19898326
    Spider No   KB19960157
    SQLBase No    
    StreamServe Yes KB19890495  
    System Center Yes KB19904614  
    Tableau product line No   KB19871613
    Tableau Firmware Update (TFU) No    
    Tableau Forensic Bridges (Yeti) No    
    Tableau Forensic Duplicator (TD4) No    
    Tableau Forensic Imager (TX1) No    
    Tableau Imager (TIM) No    
    Team Developer No    
    Team Developer Mobile No    
    Teamsite Yes KB19848875  
    Teleform No   KB19862972
    Template Workspaces No    
    Tempo Box No   KB19905146
    Trading Grid Managed Services - Enterprise No    
    Transactional Content Processing Yes KB19865944  
    TrustedLink for i 16.7.0 and earlier No    
    TrustedLink for i 16.7.1 Yes KB19965784  
    TrustedLink Windows (TLW) No   KB19944453
    Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions No   KB19885157
    Vignette Image Capture No   KB19988543 
    Vignette Records & Documents (VRD) No   KB19987263
    Virtual Print Solution (VPS) No    
    Web Experience Management (WEM) No   KB19846024
    Web Experience Management (WEM) Portal Varies   KB20044985
    Web Site Management Server No    
    Webroot Business Mac Endpoint No   View article
    Webroot Business Management Console (GSM) No   View article
    Webroot Business PC Endpoint No   View article
    Webroot Consumer AV - Mac No   View article
    Webroot Consumer AV - PC No   View article
    Webroot Consumer Console (GSM) No   View article
    Webroot DNS Protection No   View article
    Webroot Mobile - Android No   View article
    Webroot Mobile - iOS No   View article
    Webroot Security Awareness Training No   View article
    Webroot supplied code for RMM integrations No   View article
    Webroot Unity API No   View article
    Webroot Universal Reporter No   View article
    Webroot® Security for Chromebook™ No   View article
    Webroot WiFi Security - Android, iOS, Windows, Mac No   View article
    Webspan Partner Connect No    
    Workflow Server, .NET Edition No   KB20008879
    XM Fax™ (Cloud) Yes KB19945028  
    XM Fax™ (On-premises) Yes KB20149520  
    XM Hospitality No   KB19904015
    XM SendSecure™ No   KB19960914
    Xmedius No    
    xPression Yes KB19871037  
    ZixEncrypt No    
    ZixEncrypt EMS No    

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