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OpenText Quality Control

An add-on for OpenText Extended ECM

Optimize quality with an automated, centralized quality management system


Improve quality and ensure compliance with effective quality control processes

OpenText™ Quality Control for Extended ECM is a comprehensive, pre-configured quality management solution—essential for dealing with product, process, and quality problems and preventing their recurrence. Collect and analyze information, identify and investigate incidents, deviations, and other quality problems, and take the appropriate and effective action to prevent recurrence and improve quality across the organization.

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Why choose OpenText Quality Control?

  • Enterprise-wide solution

    Efficiently record, investigate, and effectively manage all quality problems and prevent recurrence enterprise-wide.

  • Defined workspaces

    Access all quality data and collaborate in defined workspaces to determine the root cause of incidents, manage resolution, and perform effectiveness checks.

  • Independent workflows

    Reduce errors and duplication of effort with defined processes and a systematic way to capture quality data using pre-configured and adaptable system workflows.

  • Quick and easy deployment

    Save time and increase user adoption with a pre-configured, low-code solution that seamlessly integrates to OpenText™ Extended ECM.

How Quality Control can benefit business

Discover how Quality Control adds even more value to Extended ECM.

  • Improve product and service quality

    Identify, investigate, and remediate incidents and non-conformities across the organization with a pre-configured and adaptable, low-code quality control solution.

  • Optimize processes and collaboration

    Leverage a central repository that gives personnel and departments easy access to all quality-related data, tasks, and reports, increasing efficiencies and improving outputs.

  • Streamline compliance

    Harness easy access and clear visibility of a full audit trail and associated documents to save time and maintain and demonstrate compliance.


  • Enterprise wide, adaptable quality control process

    Adapts the process to your organization’s requirements and provides appropriate employees with the ability to record and manage quality incidents, non-conformities, and related activities.

  • Single, centralized system for all quality records

    Gives relevant personnel easy access to find evidence that a problem was recognized, evaluated, investigated, and corrected with preventive actions put in place.

  • Full audit trail management and tracking

    Ensures compliance with a visible audit trail of what quality incidents occurred, the actions that were taken, the employees involved, and what actions have been put in place to prevent recurrence.

  • Effectiveness checks

    Validates initial resolution through individual effectiveness checks and performs repeat effectiveness checks to ensure continuous improvement in quality control.

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