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See how OpenText Lens offers end-to-end visibility to improve operational efficiency

OpenText™ Lens™ is a powerful, user-friendly cloud application that offers visibility into the data flows between enterprise applications and connected systems, customers, suppliers and trading partners. With Lens, organizations gain insights needed to monitor business process health against KPIs, quickly respond to key business events and improve overall productivity.

Why choose OpenText Lens?

  • Business user accessibility

    Make insights into integrated data flows easily accessible for business users to extend visibility beyond the IT team.

  • Personalized experience

    Get a best-in-class user experience—personalized through notifications, alerts, reporting and collaboration.

  • Unified integration

    See everything in one place with a single view into all data flows processed on the OpenText™ Trading Grid™ platform.

How Lens benefits business

Discover the advantages of using Lens.

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  • Expand end-to-end data visibility

    Leverage full visibility across different types of integration flows for detailed insights into business processes in near real time.

  • Mitigate operational risks

    Use data-driven insights to agilely manage and respond to unforeseen issues and mitigate risks before they impact business.

  • Offer insights to more users

    Enable both technical and non-technical users to access and gain insights from meaningful data for their role with an intuitive user interface that requires little to no training.

  • Unlock higher user productivity

    Let users efficiently access the information they need with rich options to customize their experiences and data visibility for their specific responsibilities.


  • Personalized dashboards and filters

    Provides quick and easy access to the most relevant information for specific user roles with customized dashboards and search filters.

  • Powerful search capabilities

    Offers multiple search options to quickly find specific transactions from the ever-growing amount of integrated data.

  • Transaction lifecycle management

    Tracks detailed insights on both individual and related transactions, such as orders and order confirmations, and other data across the various stages of business processes.

  • Notifications and alerting rules

    Enables users to set up activity, non-activity and process exception alerts based on configurable business rules and share them with other users.

  • Flexible reporting features

    Automatically generates customized reports on a user-defined schedule to deliver transactional insights straight to users.

  • API capabilities

    Allows embedding Lens insights into other business applications to enrich the experience and give users more choices.

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