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OpenText Document Control

An add-on for OpenText Extended ECM

Ensure compliance and management of controlled documents throughout their lifecycle


Manage the complete lifecycle of controlled company documents

OpenText™ Document Control is a complete, off-the-shelf, best practice solution that ensures the controlled creation, approval, revision, obsoletion, and training of controlled company documents while using the document management and security features of OpenText™ Extended ECM. Every aspect of auditing and compliance verification is determined through the scrutiny of documented evidence.

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Why choose OpenText Document Control?

  • Enterprise-wide solution

    Control creation, review, approval, obsoletion, and training of company-controlled documents on a single, secure platform.

  • Pre-defined processes

    Systematically and efficiently manage the document lifecycle from creation to training and obsoletion with a pre-defined document control process.

  • Real-time reports

    Understand status and trends to simplify decision-making with real-time data, reports, and dashboards.

  • Streamline compliance

    Get clear visibility to a full audit trail and associated documents to maintain and demonstrate compliance.

  • Quick and easy deployment

    Save time and increase user-adoption with a pre-configured, low-code solution that seamlessly integrates to OpenText Extended ECM.

How Document Control can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Document Control.

  • Accelerate operations

    Use pre-configured workflows that provide defined processes and a systematic way of managing all document activities for efficient and compliant operations.

  • Optimize collaboration

    Give personnel and departments permission-based access to relevant stages of the document control process and to the latest revision of documents.

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

    Maintain and demonstrate compliance with a full audit trail of who created, requested, made changes, and approved documents.

  • Improve decision making

    Leverage pre-configured reports, dashboards, and templates for real-time data and reporting to understand trends and make informed decisions.

  • Simplify document training

    Automate training assignments and track all employee document training activities for all versions of documents.


  • Centralized platform for document control process

    Provides employees with the ability to create, approve, revise, train, obsolete, and consume documents all from a centralized location.

  • Low code, configurable, and adaptable processes

    Deploys, configures, and maintains on cloud or on prem to meet an organization’s document control and document training process requirements. Development resources not required.

  • Real-time data and reporting

    Allows the configuration of reports and dashboards from provided templates to show real-time data on document activities and document training—saving time, ensuring compliance, and improving decision making.

  • Full audit trail management and tracking

    Ensures and demonstrates compliance with a visible audit trail and consolidated document history for controlled document activities including document training.

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