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OpenText Core Share

Enable secure remote content sharing from existing platforms, applications and processes


Transform your business with OpenText Core Share

OpenText™ Core Share enables content collaboration on documents and projects with anyone inside or outside an organization, whether working from a hybrid or fully cloud-enabled environment.

Why choose OpenText Core Share?

  • Digital collaboration

    Improve remote user productivity with secure cloud collaboration software that ensures compliance with data governance and sovereignty policies.

  • Flexible deployment to fit your business

    Enable content sharing from either a hybrid environment or a full cloud experience with options for desktop, web and mobile.

How Core Share can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Core Share.

  • Enhance cloud collaboration

    Deliver extended value to your cloud investments by adding capabilities that enable user collaboration from anywhere.

  • Maintain security

    Prevent emailed document exchanges or consumer cloud storage tools from exposing business-critical data with a simple, real-time collaboration application.

  • Increase productivity

    Expedite content-driven business processes within one platform to provide users with a seamless workflow experience, from conception and collaboration to approval.

  • Improve user compliance

    Ensure users adopt organizational policies for efficient external file sharing so confidential data is secured at every stage in the cloud collaboration process.

  • Accelerate deployment

    Streamline setup and offer administrators ongoing visibility, security and control over how content is shared within a workflow process.


  • Enterprise-grade security

    Configures and automates global user sharing, password and expiry date policies on shared content and public links with security features, including file encryption no matter where the data resides, SSO, 2FA and utilization of OpenText data centers.

  • Complete IT control over content sharing

    Enables administrators to create and manage accounts, control access, assign user storage quotas, view connected users and remotely wipe local content. Offers dashboards and reporting views to improve content-sharing visibility and analytics.

  • Microsoft Office 365 integration

    Integrates with Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint® and Microsoft Outlook® to create, modify, co-author, share and store documents within Core Share and avoid moving between applications and files.

  • SAP Solutions integration

    Ensures secure and seamless content sharing with internal and external collaborators from within SAP platforms, applications and processes through OpenText™ Core Share for SAP® Solutions, the latest SAP-certified public cloud application.

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