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OpenText Core for Federated Compliance

Ensure consistent policy compliance across content repositories

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OpenText Core for Federated Compliance offers corporate records policy and oversight.

OpenText™ Core for Federated Compliance delivers cross-repository visibility and policy control for transparency and defensibility of organizational information governance, processes and reporting.

Why choose Core for Federated Compliance

  • Unify common compliance policies across repositories

    Maintain a centralized set of retenton policies and holds across content management systems, including OpenText™ Extended ECM, Documentum™, InfoArchive™ and Microsoft® OneDrive and SharePoint®.

  • Identify at risk content and take action

    Comprehensive reporting to identify content that requires policy review, management or action. Develop automated rules to protect future content from going unprotected.

  • Identify sensitive personal information

    Automatically identify, tag and securely protect content containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and protect your organization from compliance issues and risky data leaks.

  • Ensure defensible compliance

    Find and identify content that is improperly managed, classified or protected and ensure compliance with automated policies or manual, federated compliance searches.

How Core for Federated Compliance can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Core for Federated Compliance.

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  • Local control with global oversight

    Manage records locally for each repository and region, while enabling offering maximum process flexibility and managing risk at an organizational level.

  • Deploy across cloud and on-premises repositories

    Move to the cloud incrementally, repository-by-repository, with a cloud-centered, federated architecture.

  • Ensure data sovereignty and security

    Manage content across repositories, in multiple jurisdictions, without transmitting content out of country.

  • Strengthen defensibility and transparency

    Identify content that is out of policy, develop new policies and bring content into compliance.


  • Centralized record policy management

    Defines and manages corporate records policies across multiple repositories.
  • Reporting and review

    Offers oversight of information governance effectiveness using visual dashboards and reporting as well as a built-in compliance search arm.

  • Validate records compliance

    Measures and reports local administrators' adherence to global records policies in each repository.
  • In-place records management

    Provides native, in-place records policy oversight and administration for OpenText Documentum, OpenText Extended ECM, OpenText InfoArchive and Microsoft® Office 365® repositories, such as SharePoint and OneDrive.

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