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Fast and secure access to Windows, Linux, UNIX and mainframe applications


Get fast and secure centralized application access with OpenText™ Connectivity

OpenText™ Connectivity products provide fast, secure and reliable remote access to centralized IT solutions. Connectivity helps reduce IT administration efforts and investments, provides superior IP protection and satisfies remote workers by offering local-like performance, even over lower-bandwidth connections.

How Connectivity can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Connectivity.

  • Cloud-enable graphics heavy applications

    Quickly and securely transition graphics-heavy applications to the cloud.

  • Save IT costs

    Share expensive engineering software and hardware in a central datacenter to reduce IT cost and achieve fast ROI.

  • Enable remote work

    Let staff work with full functionality from any location and provide productive remote collaboration for global teams.

  • Ensure IP security

    Eliminate risks associated with keeping data across many user workstations with a central, well-protected datacenter.

  • Accelerate product go-to-market

    Leverage centralized datasets and strong collaboration tools to accelerate product design and time-to-market.

  • Reduce costs

    Replace expensive existing solutions from equipment manufacturers to cut terminal emulation maintenance payments.