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Easily share product information across the retail ecosystem and speed time to market

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Enable seamless product catalogue management with OpenText Active Catalogue

OpenText™ Active Catalogue is the retail industry’s leading cloud-based item data and image synchronization service, allowing marketers, manufacturers and suppliers to share their latest product information with retailers. With a proven track record for enabling retail supply chain automation plus unmatched breadth and reliability, Active Catalogue is a cornerstone for global retail product synchronization.

Why choose OpenText Active Catalogue?

  • Retail industry’s largest cloud-based catalogue

    Leverage cloud-based access to product information for 190 million items from 5,500 vendors, manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Deep solution expertise

    Access fast and reliable product catalogue setup and support to reduce time to market and drive increased sales with accurate product information.

How Active Catalogue can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Active Catalogue.

  • Improve efficiency

    Quickly and easily access product details and images through a centralized single source of information across the retail supply chain.

  • Speed time to revenue

    Accelerate product sales with automated setup, multiple ways to access and enter information and the support for a wide range of product information.

  • Increase productivity

    Automate supply chain processes, such as item setup, maintenance and product marketing content management.

  • Improve data quality and access management

    Ensure complete and accurate information with data quality validation and controlled retailer access.


  • Product and item data synchronization

    Allows retailers to subscribe to catalogue updates from their supplier community and suppliers to publish their catalogues to multiple retailers simultaneously.

  • Extended set of attributes

    Provides all the attributes retailers need to support every level of omnichannel B2C e-commerce, from heel height to boot leg circumference.

  • Images and QR codes

    Enables the exchange of unstructured data, such as stock photography, QR codes and media files, for online shopping sites, print catalogues or in-store kiosks.

  • 1WorldSync interoperability

    Incorporates certified interoperability to the 1WorldSync GS1 GDSN-certified data pool so suppliers can publish data to retailers with both OpenText Active Catalogue and 1WorldSync.

  • Data validation

    Leverages standard and extended validations to control data formats and content for GTINs, dates, industry code lists, country of origin and minimum order quantity.

  • Multiple connectivity options

    Includes a variety of connectivity options for both large and small trading partners, including EDI 832, PRICAT, qXML and file upload, as well as via a web portal.

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OpenText offers a flexible deployment option for Active Catalogue.

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