Business Workspaces

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Eliminate inefficiencies with an intuitive way for teams to manage content-centric work

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Business Workspaces

OpenText™ Core Business Workspaces capabilities enable teams to manage content-centric work. Non-technical users can use pre-built templates to create dedicated workspaces and aggregate related content, data, people and tasks. Business Workspaces fully integrates with lead business applications to ensure content is seamlessly available when and where it is needed, with governance policies automatically and transparently applied.

How Business Workspaces can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Business Workspaces

  • Accelerate business processes

    Align teams, content and collaborative business processes to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce errors.

  • Govern automatically

    Prevent the risk of ad hoc information exchange with automated governance embedded into each workspace to automatically and transparently govern the content involved.

  • Mitigate IT burden

    Drive more value from a cloud content management solution and free up valuable IT resources with an application designed for non-technical users.

  • Easily access critical information

    Pair content with business processes and integrate with lead applications to reduce information silos and ensure easy access to critical, day-to-day business information.


  • Custom workspaces with pre-built templates

    Configures custom, role-based experiences with a multitude of use cases. Offers predefined folders for content, document templates, metadata and classifications, users and groups, permissions, tasks, workflows and more.

  • Simplified business processes and project actions

    Creates independent or interconnected workspaces, ensuring a single piece of content can be used within multiple processes. Leverages workflows and tasks to help progress towards a collective goal.

  • Content management best practices

    Incorporates virtually any content type into comprehensive document management, records management, search and archiving capabilities. Allows users to work with content via web-editing and co-authoring through deep Microsoft® 365® integration.

  • Streamlined collaboration

    Eliminate the need for users to switch between applications and improve user adoption and productivity. Collaborate easily and securely via external sharing capabilities, including with Microsoft® Teams®.

  • Unlocked business information

    Integrates with lead applications to connect and aggregate data from systems, such as SAP® S/4HANA Public Cloud®, Salesforce® and Microsoft 365™. Offers a comprehensive view of any customer, opportunity, asset, project or business object.

  • Industry-leading records management practices

    Ensures governance without the need for user intervention, with metadata and records management classifications built into Business Workspaces templates for compliant, long-term storage and legally defensible governance.

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