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System Design

System Design involves the analysis, design, and configuration of the necessary hardware and software components to support your solution's architecture. The five major components of System Design include: the Information Model, Community Model, Security/Permission Model, System Integration, Workflow, and Technical Architecture.

System Design Service Packages are a consultancy services offered to customers who require architecture design advice for sizing new systems or scaling existing OpenText ECM systems. This consultancy offering is ideally suited for customers who want to quantify their current level of performance of OpenText ECM. As part of this Service Package, an OpenText Technical Architect will work closely with you to collect logging and system information. Working with this information, we will define a usage profile and identify performance bottlenecks and system weaknesses, and suggest courses of action to improve your system's overall responsiveness.


A System Design engagement typically provides the following benefits:

  • Improved system performance; individually tailored configuration advice demonstrates where improvement is necessary, and how to improve the system to regain lost performance.
  • Customers gain a detailed understanding of how their users use their system. This Usage Profile can be leveraged to develop future architecture changes.
  • Potential to learn of future concerns, allowing customers to take proactive measures to avoid problems.
  • A baseline performance level is established against which benefits can be compared and changes to the system predicted or foreseen.

System Design

Organizations that are just beginning to use Content Server and existing user communities that are looking to enhance their use of Content Server can benefit from a System Design engagement. Your local services or account representative can assist you in getting more information about how your company can benefit.

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