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Information Outsourcing Services

Modernize access to your critical records with a single, reliable, confidential and safe solution - from paper to dashboard

OpenText Information Outsourcing Services help businesses optimize mailroom and document management processes, focusing their key employees on core business operations, while lowering costs and increasing information processing speed.

Information Outsourcing Services (IOS) includes:

  • High-volume, technology-based scanning, data processing, and document management business process services.
  • Conversion of paper documents, legacy files, microfilm, or microfiche into accurate, retrievable information and either hosting or delivery into your BPM solution, business applications and databases.
  • Extracting information from your paper files to populate a content management system, for example, SharePoint, with usable information to accelerate your business.
  • A 100% auditable trail on each file to ensure each page can be tracked and managed, meeting all regulatory compliance requirements.

OpenText Information Outsourcing Services allow you to focus on your core competencies instead of low-return, administrative tasks. Surface your critical records in seconds using your firm’s own search terms to make rapid decisions based on important information.

OpenText converted over 30 million microfilmed booking records to accurate digital images for our Sheriff’s department.  Additionally, Information Outsourcing Services group fixed multiple errors in the previous database in existence from a previous vendor, provided paper scanning and interim image hosting services.

- Felix Basadre, Assistant Director, Information System Advisory Body, County of Los Angeles

With over 23 years of experience in large-scale, highly confidential records conversions, including human resources, medical records, court documents, titles, and more, OpenText delivers a cost-effective solution, enabling you to improve and increase process efficiencies while significantly reducing operating expenditures.

Information Outsourcing Services Suite

The OpenText Information Outsource Solutions Suite includes:

Electronic Mailroom
Route paper mail to digital documents that can move through your workflow systems, sort inbound mail, and address and send out mail.
Back File Conversion
Enable piles of legacy files and paper to become usable information that can be immediately accessed and leveraged in your business-critical applications.
Image Library Services
Interim hosting of captured images allows customers to maintain contact with critical information during back file conversions to proceed while content repositories are implemented.
Capture/Redirect Help your organization sustain critical business processes by providing quality, cost-effective image conversion services in support of your microfilm and digital document imaging systems.
Scanning Support
Have your documents scanned on or off-site.

One vendor, one solution. We are experts on conversions, performing on time and on budget. Contact us now for more information.

Scanning Service

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"OpenText has provided our agency confidential, high volume levels of service and product quality. Often, OpenText has recommended procedure improvements on the titling and vehicle registration forms to allow higher levels of data integrity and improve the Texas Vehicle title Registration Process."

-Bobby J. Johnson, Director – Regional Services Section, Vehicle Titles and Registration Division, Texas Department of Motor Vehicles