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Legacy Decommissioning

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Migrate, enrich, and apply records management controls for structured business data from any legacy system to the OpenText ECM Suite.

Legacy systems are often maintained simply to reference historical information. This kind of compliance and discovery strategy is expensive and comes with a high total-cost-of-ownership (TCO).

These systems can be difficult to maintain, often require senior resources which become distracted from strategic initiatives, and come with hefty software maintenance budgets. In addition, these systems are typically susceptible to risks and problems associated with aging and become complex with decreasing knowledge of how to operate them. The organization is at risk of not being able to support legacy systems for as long as is required to retain the data. However, with compliance requirements, access to this information for audit and discovery is required.

A component of the OpenText ECM Suite, OpenText Integration Center is a data and content integration platform that unifies information silos that cross application boundaries, consolidating and transforming data and content throughout the entire information ecosystem, including leading-edge ERP, CRM, and ECM systems as well as legacy applications. The OpenText Integration Center offers a flexible, yet powerful integration solution to help cope with dynamic infrastructure changes, while preserving the integrity of the enterprise information ecosystem.


  • Reduce software maintenance and support costs
  • Maximize the value of the ECM Suite by extending it with structured data
  • Support consolidated audit and compliance requests and reporting

Integration Center for Legacy Decommissioning enables you to:

  • Archive data from any application
  • Automatically apply lifecycle management rules (Records Management classifications, retention rules, and schedules) to archived content
  • Extract full records from any legacy system and transport them to the ECM Suite's Archive Server
  • Transform data, enhance metadata content, and deliver records into the Archive Server as one process
  • Use monitoring and audit trail migration processes for auditing and reporting
  • Purge archived legacy data in compliance with corporate authority and applicable retention policies
  • Provide full data availability for knowledge workers and audit activities

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