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Data Archiving

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Enable full audit and records management for data archiving alongside files and emails from any business application to the ECM Suite.

The archive can be a single source of historical data.  When a legacy question needs to be asked, a single stop to the archive should result in a quick resolution and complete view of the information.  Take for example, a toy manufacturer that needs to recall its 2001 best-selling doll. A cross-functional team must rally to find and pull the historical information on the product. Whether that information is a document such as correspondence or the image of the product packaging, or the list of distributors, the business needs high quality, trusted information to respond effectively.  Teams should not scramble to decipher which sources of information to go to, which sources override others and how to consolidate a complete view. With a global policy to integrate retention of structured and unstructured content into one archiving system, speedy and accurate collection of historical information can be supported with a full audit history.

A component of the OpenText ECM Suite, OpenText Integration Center is a data and content integration platform that unifies information silos that cross application boundaries, consolidating and transforming data and content throughout the entire information ecosystem, including leading-edge ERP, CRM, and ECM systems as well as legacy applications.  OpenText Integration Center delivers a rich feature set to support the archiving of data to the ECM Suite.


  • Reduce the costs of storing large amounts of data by enabling a single unified archive
  • Extend the value of the ECM Suite by archiving data alongside its sister content and emails
  • Leverage archived data for business reporting and trends analysis

Integration Center for Data Archiving enables you to:

  • Control the lifecycle of your data with integrated Records Management and Archiving in the ECM Suite
  • Archive data to the ECM Suite's Archive Server from any application
  • Utilize full record extraction from source systems and transport to the Archive Server
  • Automatically apply lifecycle management rules to archived data
  • Transform data, enhance content metadata, and deliver records into the Archive Sarver as one process
  • Perform monitoring and generate audit trails for reporting

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