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Content Migration

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Automating the Migration of Content Across the Enterprise

In today’s global economy, efficiency and cost cutting is the key to success. Organizations have to optimize their existing environments in order to maximize investments.  By migrating content across the enterprise, companies can leverage the content intelligence they own by sharing it with the knowledge workers that need it.  The requirement, however, is that sharing content cannot be a long and painful task. OpenText Integration Center offers solutions that maximize the value of critical business information while providing efficiencies in operations. One of these solutions, OpenText Integration Center for Content Migration, offers a complete migration feature set that provides the migration of content from one or many repositories to any new destination. Integration Center for Content Migration automates the movement of content while delivering content integrity and operational efficiency.


  • Ensure flexibility and performance while automating the movement of content
  • Control, preserve, and rely on content integrity
  • Reduce user downtime with end-to-end content migration
  • Use a Big Bang or Phased Approach and On-Demand migration options
  • Transform disparate content into a consolidated, relevant information asset

Integration Center for Content Migration enables you to:

  • Consolidate disparate content into a single active repository for operational efficiency.
  • Automatically translate file rights and permissions to the new system.
  • Choose the best approach concerning how and when you want to migrate your content.
  • Re-purpose intellectual property that has been created for one project on other projects. For example, a template can be set up to migrate content from OpenText eDOCS DM v5 to v6, thus saving significant time and effort.
  • Instantly switch connectors from test evironments to production environments from laptop to server hardware.
  • Utilize wizard-style menus that technical or business users can be easily trained on to eliminate errors and accelerate development.

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