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Sears Holdings

OpenText Active Catalogue Program

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About the Program

Sears HoldingsDoing business electronically has become a regular business practice. Technology standards and business processes can become increasingly demanding to deal with especially when doing business with large companies. The partnership between OpenText and Sears Holdings Corporation is designed to reduce this complexity for our customers.

Sears Holdings is committed to delivering your products to our stores in a timely and efficient manner. To achieve this goal, the mutual efforts of supplier and retailer must be focused on implementing the industry standards put forth by GS1. Two key elements in complying with industry standards are the transmission and receipt of business documents via EDI, and synchronizing item data using the OpenText Active Catalogue.

Data Synchronization

Sears Holdings is committed to utilizing data synchronization for item setup and has partnered with OpenText to synchronize data using the OpenText Active Catalogue. To synchronize item data with Sears Holdings, vendors must either utilize a data catalog or GDSN data pool. Sears Holdings is currently requiring data synchronization for all new vendors as well as all apparel, accessories and costume jewelry vendors.

We are now accepting updates to existing items in addition to new items. For more information about this initiative, please review the rest of the materials within this page.

Vendors who use data synchronization can setup their items in half the time or less.

Save time in IMA! Sync the following data from your catalogue:

  • Package description, color and size
  • UPC/marking # and format
  • Package type
  • Brand
  • In store date & street date
  • Country of origin
  • Fabric/metal content
  • Cost & default sell price
  • Unit of measure quantity and code
  • Order quantity multiple
  • Master Pack quantity
  • Pre-priced Indicator
  • Consumer pkg dimensions (length, width, height) & weight
  • Each dimensions (length, width, height) & weight
  • Carton dimensions (length, width, height) & weight
  • Attributes, including gender, color, sleeve length, team, karat, stone, tire segment & speed rating

About Active Catalogue

Active Catalogue is the retail industry’s leading product data synchronization application, allowing marketers, manufacturers and suppliers to share their latest product information such as price, style, color, size and more than 550 additional product attributes with retailers. It provides extensive data validations and comprehensive data attribute support. Active Catalogue enables better management of new item introductions and item maintenance processes.

EDI Services

Our required method of sending and receiving business documents is through EDI transmissions currently enabled by OpenText. This is the most efficient and accurate way to communicate vital information obtained through purchase orders and sales. To commence any data transmissions, SHC requires their vendors to successfully complete testing through the Sears Holdings EDI Compliance Program. The program is specifically designed to meet the EDI testing needs of Sears Holdings Corporation Trading partners.

Whether your company is serviced by a service bureau or a third-party provider, you perform these services in-house, or you are currently not EDI-capable, the program will provide guidance per your current circumstances. Please see our mapping specifications posted in the welcome screen in the testing application for more details.

Types of standard documents communicated via EDI:

  • 856 – Advanced Ship notice (ASN)
  • 850 – Purchase Orders (PO)
  • 810 – Invoices
  • 820 – Electronic Funds Transfer/Remittance advice
  • 812 – Debit/Credit adjustment
  • 997 – Functional Acknowledgement

We place high value in achieving top speed-to-market for our customers. Your participation with our EDI Compliance Program is vital to achieving this goal. Hence Sears Holdings and OpenText strongly advise to take the necessary actions to complete your EDI testing by your requested completion date as discussed with your Sears Holdings merchant.

OpenText. can assist you in becoming EDI-enabled. Please reach out to Doug Smith at +1 (301) 340-4868 or You can also reach the Sales Department at +1 (800) 334-2255 option 3.

Further Information & Resources

Program Contact

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Natisha Green
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Active Catalogue Support

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Many leading retailers opt to use the OpenText Active Catalogue, did you know that as a customer you could also supply product information to:

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