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OpenText Big Data Analytics

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A high-performing Big Data and predictive solution for business analysts

OpenText™ Big Data Analytics is a feature of Analytics Suite that allows business users and analysts to access, blend, explore and analyze data quickly without depending on IT or data experts.

Big Data Analytics combines an analytical columnar database that easily integrates disparate data sources, with built-in statistical techniques for profiling, mapping, clustering, forecasting, creating decision trees, classification and association rules, doing regressions, and correlations. Users can get a 360 degree view of their business, explore billions of records in seconds and apply advanced and predictive analytics techniques all in a drag-and-drop experience, with no complex data modeling or coding required.

Working in an easy-to-use, visual environment business users can upload their own data, clean and enrich it, blending data from disparate sources. They can then apply pre-coded algorithms and analytical techniques to gain insights from massive data sets on the fly.

All your data in a single view: Access huge data sets from multiple sources quickly and easily.

Analyze billions of records in seconds: Leverage high-performance, real-time Big Data analysis of hundreds of tables, millions of rows, billions of records—at once—for deeper business insights.

No complex data modeling: Eliminate the need for data cubes, pre-processing and modeling. Minimize data analysis-related IT workload and dependency on data scientists.

Best Practices analytical techniques: Pre-built algorithms and ready to use predictive analytic techniques. Discover threats, hidden relationships, patterns, profiles and trends to make fact-based decisions.

No coding required: Go from raw data to sophisticated data visualizations in minutes with a few clicks.

Easy to use visuals: Analyze Big Data quickly and visually with decision trees, association rules, profiling, segmentation, Venn diagrams and more.

User autonomy and self-sufficiency: Empower users without statistical backgrounds to run deep analytics with pre-packaged algorithmic functions.

Automate with Workflow: String together multiple steps into one process and schedule it to run on a regular basis.

Discover our Technology – Using advance analytics capabilities, business user can use all their data

Big Data Analytics is a business-friendly technology that allows you to use ALL data —organized in a columnar database— and apply preprogrammed statistical algorithms to visualize data graphically. The result? Instant business insights that help you make smarter, data-informed, strategic decisions.

  • All your Data accessible from a single platform with no hindrance on other systems.
  • Enriched Data Repository can be accessed by any BI tool through Open API.
  • Fast data access while only relying on inexpensive hard disk space vs. expensive RAM.
  • No need to create complex data models, de-normalize, or pre-blend data.
  • Insights can be saved and written back to database for further iterative analysis.
  • Algorithms and Analytic Techniques expose hidden insights
  • Business Analysts Visually Explore and Cross Relate Any Data in seconds.
  • Automate your processes through a graphical work flow tool.

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Learn more about Big Data Analytics, the all-in-one advanced analytics software appliance designed for business analysts.

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