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Embed OpenText Analytics in Your SaaS Apps

Seamlessly Integrate Reporting, Analytics, and Dashboards into Your SaaS Offerings

For many vendors, Software as a Service (Saas) is their most important channel. Delivering services and information through a web portal involves less time, expense, and effort than on-premises installation and maintenance. 

But delivering your services through the cloud means business users expect the same visual appeal and intuitive ease of use that they get from consumer sites. Meanwhile, they aren’t letting up on demands for state-of-the-art analytics and reporting on the operations your software automates, or hands-on access to data from every source imaginable.  Building that kind of functionality from scratch – plus designing attractive charts, graphs, and reports – isn’t where you want to spend precious time and resources while striving to dominate your market. 

OpenText Information Hub (iHub) offers white label integration that enables you to seamlessly insert ad hoc reports, personalized dashboards, and insightful analytics into your SaaS applications.

iHub is a powerful out-of-the-box data visualization platform and deployment server within the OpenText Analytics Suite. Leverage the high-performance visualization and reporting technology to quickly build BI infrastructure components that serve up interactive, personalized content to users – branded with your look and feel.


  • A powerful, secure, and embedded BI platform that scales to unlimited users as your business grows
  • Easy-to-use data visualization tools that present real-time graphical summaries of your information and ad hoc reports
  • Fully interactive and intuitive applications with customized reports, animated visualizations, and analytical dashboards for real-time insights
  • Multi-tenancy for easy management of multiple tenants sharing the same infrastructure
  • 100% uptime, including High Availability feature for cloud deployment to support automated recovery
  • Near-linear scaling, plus elastic clustering
  • Flexible licensing for cloud deployment

The OpenText Analytics platform gives your customers’ IT department full administrative and user management power to custom-tailor interfaces and reports, but doesn’t interfere with business users’ intuitive, self-service access to data. Because iHub doesn’t rely on industry-specific or platform-specific technology, it’s extremely flexible and can be incorporated quickly and easily into any SaaS product for any platform, desktop or mobile and includes the industry’s broadest set of APIs, including JavaScript, IDAPI, ODA, Web Services, REST, HTML5, and Highcharts. This lets you plug in a wide range of third-party visualization tools, data streams, and Web gadgets to enhance your presentation.