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Analytics for Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities

Solution for Energy and Utilities

The analytics landscape is rapidly changing for Energy and Utility companies, with new data sources, both structured and unstructured including IoT data, and increasing competition from providers of alternative energy.  In order to accurately predict demand, control costs, and improve business decisions, utility companies need data solutions that directly impact business performance by lowering costs, improving services, uncovering risks and effectively support customer engagement.

OpenText™ Analytics Suite

OpenText Analytics Suite capabilities provide self-service data preparation, data exploration, advanced analytics and data visualizations that allow Energy and Utility providers to improve business decisions about operations, suppliers, assets, and risks that directly impact business performance.   It also supports self-service customer access to monitor personal data such as information, reports, usage statements, and bills allowing customers access at any time on any device.

  • Launch and track performance improvement initiatives such as risk assessment and management, asset optimization, maintenance and energy production and reserve analysis
  • Let  customers access, view and interact with their consumption and spending history and account statements
  • Foresee and prevent outages
  • Identify what parts of your plant or facility are most likely to break down and when and take action to prevent this from happening, lowering business costs