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Getting started with iHub, Trial Edition

iHub, Trial Edition is a free, fully functional 45-day trial version of the enterprise-grade deployment server from OpenText Analytics. It includes multiple sample applications, reports and dashboards that help you understand how to design, deploy, and embed analytics into your application.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you encounter issues when installing or using iHub, Trial Edition, please click the links above. If you do not find an answer to your question there, visit the Developing Analytics Applications forum. This forum is closely monitored by our evangelist team and engineers. Asking questions in the forum is free.

Videos and tutorials


Free Analytics Designer
Analytics Designer is a powerful IDE that equips developers with everything they need to access data sources; transform, integrate, and apply business logic to data; secure, filter, format, and present the resulting reports to users. It includes hundreds of HTML5 charts, gadgets and maps; commercial data drivers; a metadata layer and cube design and caching features for creating interactive and analytic content. Analytics Designer is the free companion design tool for iHub, Trial Edition.


iHub, Trial Edition
Fully functional 45-day trial version of the enterprise-grade deployment server including sample applications, reports and dashboards.


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