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Analytics for Marketing Service Providers

Solutions for Marketing Service Providers

The sheer size and variety of data, particularly digitalized data, that marketers work of with is expanding daily and can quickly become overwhelming. While all this data creates a well-spring opportunity for analysis, it also presents challenges to combining all this data from disparate sources to make really well informed business decisions. To stay competitive and exploit new markets, Marketing Service Providers need to trust that all of their data can give a clear view into market plays that encourage customer growth and loyalty.

OpenText Analytics Suite

Using OpenText™ Analytics Suite you can find hidden opportunities in your data to spot trends, identify new opportunities and make data driven decisions that support business growth. Combine disparate data sources, including structured and unstructured data for a more holistic view of your business and customers.

  • Provide managed self-service data access to clients making it easier to improve collaborative decision-making
  • Optimize processes and increase efficiency
  • Spot and exploit new market opportunities
  • Uncover patterns and trends in your data to improve decision-making
  • Predict future behaviors and likely outcomes with respect to customer behavior
  • Lower total cost of ownership