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Analytics for Healthcare

OpenText Analytics Suite Enables Better Healthcare Solutions

Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare providers are facing the onslaught of digitization in many ways and the challenges around HIPAA privacy, security, data ownership, regulation and integration are particularly acute in healthcare field. From the federal push for electronic health records to the pressure to become evidence-based by leveraging historical data, the healthcare industry is now looking for easier ways to ensure better use their data.

OpenText Analytics Suite

OpenText™ Analytics Suite allows you to quickly and easily connect to all of your healthcare data, analyze it and then visualize the findings. We empower a holistic view of data which allows you to identify and mitigate risk factors, effectively comply with regulations and most importantly improve patient care. Provide members with a way to view and interact with their healthcare data so they can stay on top of their healthcare needs.

  • Empower efficiency by uncovering errors to improve performance
  • Ensure data integration from both structured and unstructured sources for a more complete and holistic view
  • Provide quality care by predicting problems with treatment compliance and ensure proper aftercare
  • Improve patient engagement by adding easy-to-use self service BI for patient on their preferred device…
  • New reimbursement models and accountable care organizations that require more understanding of what occurs with patients
  • Widespread adoption of new technology: devices, implants, mobile applications on smartphones and tablets
  • Increasing provider and payer efficiencies, reducing errors, and costs