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Financial Excellence with EIM

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How EIM Improves Financial Management

Today’s economy requires optimizing the cash conversion cycle while maintaining control and compliance as a component of financial transformation. As companies implement SAP as part of the transformation, they look to process optimization in financial processing to drive bottom line profit.

Process optimization is focused on revenue generation and payments. Fast accurate billing increases revenue through on-time payments. Dispute handling creates additional information requiring time to capture, store and access it, resulting in decreased revenue.

On the payables side specialists spend significant time on manual data entry in complex transactions, compliance and communication involving invoice exceptions resolution. As a result companies have high risk of non-compliance, overpaying and missing discounts.

Finance transformation also relates to organizational changes and technology innovations: Global business services (GBS) provide standardized services enterprise wide – requiring efficient workflow routing and collaboration. On the technology side, electronic invoice delivery is evolving to become mandatory in many regions (primarily for B2B, B2G but also B2C). Customers and suppliers expect a consumer-like experience to track invoice and payment status, while lines of business expect Finance to provide easy to use approval and reporting applications on their desktop and mobile devices.

Financial Excellence business value solutions, along with services and ecosystem partners, help you put strategy to execution: Create accurate and complete billings on every channel; empower your organization, customers and suppliers to collaborate in a secure, audited environment and use processes incorporating best practices based on 20 years of experience.