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Asset Excellence with EIM

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How EIM Improves Enterprise Asset Management

Many industries are asset-intensive, therefore effective management of asset-related information, both structured and unstructured, impacts asset performance and ultimately the bottom enterprises. Whether you are a discrete or process manufacturer with production facilities, a utility company operating power plants, an oil and gas company or a transportation provider, it takes a wide array of assets to keep your business performing efficiently.

In today’s competitive global market, where companies spend tens of millions annually on asset construction and maintenance, maximizing return on assets and operational efficiency is critical. This means minimizing production downtime is a top asset management priority. If there is an unplanned production outage or an unplanned production outage while a critical order is being run on a tight timeline, production schedules are shot, profit margins shrink and your return on investment (ROI) decreases—not to mention the customer and reputational issues that missed deadlines can create. To meet these challenges, leading companies are leveraging asset management systems such as SAP, with technologies to maximize uptime, drive cost-effective operations and ensure a strong ROI.

OpenText business value solutions span portfolio and project management, plant maintenance, change management, environment, health and safety management, as well as real estate management, and help you optimize your SAP driven processes in Enterprise Asset Management.

Manage all asset related information in a consistent and easy to access way that builds on SAP structures, keeps a track record of all maintenance work, as well as environment and safety related information in a traceable and auditable way.

  • Fast access to relevant documentation
  • A 360-degree view of all asset information
  • Access to content from inside and outside SAP applications
  • Efficient repair and failure analysis
  • In-process collaboration
  • Safety and compliance

Belgian Railways logo

Belgian Railways

We wanted a solution that was proven and could be demonstrated to work from the outset. OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions is tightly integrated and works out of the box, so it was a natural choice for us.


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Metropolitan Utilities District logo

Metropolitan Utilities District

We are always striving to become more innovative, streamlined and mobile. As a result, our applications and processes must be agile and responsive while reducing costs to our rate payers. The integration between OpenText and SAP allows us to have transparency through single point of access and a single source of the truth. The productivity gains through the user interface have been both immediate and substantial.


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Hydro Tasmania logo

Hydro Tasmania

We’ve got the trilogy. Content Suite is the source of truth. SAP is the source of process. And SharePoint’s the outer limits.


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