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Dell EMC

  • Overview

Remove legacy barriers and transform IT infrastructure

OpenText™ InfoArchive, combined with solutions from Dell EMC, frees up enterprise budget and resources. By retiring legacy or past-era applications, enterprises can fund the modernization of their infrastructure and efficiently safeguard and manage data of all types.


  • Meet information governance requirements
  • Reduce costs
  • Simplify workflows
  • Support cloud initiatives
  • Accelerate predictive analytics and Big Data projects
  • Gain more value from enterprise applications and data

As companies strive to modernize and adopt new technologies, legacy and near-legacy production applications frustrate their efforts; what is important to the enterprise, CIO and corporate counsel is the information, data and content managed in these past-era applications. These siloed systems thwart modernization efforts by capitalizing budget and resources and by locking up valuable data, which becomes inaccessible to multiple business units, new applications and Big Data analytics, without exposure to compliance and security risks.

The combination of solutions from Dell EMC and OpenText InfoArchive provides enterprises with the storage and connectivity infrastructure to jump start the path to Digital Transformation while eliminating past-era applications.

InfoArchive is a critical component of modernization initiatives. It ingests data and content from multiple systems, maintains the contextual links and eliminates the need of the past-era application for reporting and access. This provides the confidence, security, compliance and access needed to eliminate these legacy applications and free up budget for modernization initiatives supported by Dell Technologies.