GCI PowerTools for Documents

By  Global Cents

GCI PowerTools for Documents automates document assembly from files managed in OpenText Content Server, such as regulatory filings, part and equipment reference manuals, technical books and contracts.

PowerTools for Documents is an extensive set of Content Server processes that enable you to combine one or more document processing and publishing actions. With just a couple of clicks, a published assembly process can be readily executed by any authorized Content Server user. Simple “builders”  enable users to render individual files to PDF or other formats, collect multiple files of differing formats from a folder, and merge them together to produce documents that are built using consistent rules complete with standard tables of contents, watermarks, and signature pages.

Global Cents


  • Create documents as part of a controlled and structured process 
  • Assemble documents based on customized configurations 
  • Electronically or digitally sign final approved documents
  • Integrating Content Server metadata into Word or PDF documents 
  • Merging mixed formats documents 
  • Applying conditional and unconditional watermarks 
  • Converting over 200 documents types to PDF, Word, and other formats

Want to see more? Then watch the quick PowerTools for Documents intro video 

Global Cents

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