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DIAMOS-D is a transfer agency solution and the leading retail investor account management application in Germany. DIAMOS-D provides our customers with the system support they need for transfer agency business processes.

DIAMOS-D consists of several modules, from order management to record keeping, comprehensive regulatory and individual reporting. Output Management and reporting is organized with OpenText Streamserve.


DIAMOS-D Comprehensive product coverage: It provides a wide range of components for successful investment growth which can be combined in a single account; Efficient sales support; Options for further process improvements; DIAMOS-D provides additional efficiency-enhancing components incl. Optimized user interface / Efficient support for processing large quantities of data
Comprehensive coverage of current & new regulatory requirements; Our financial industry experts collaborate closely with asset management associations (e.g. BVI) in order to ensure reliable implementation of regulatory requirements (e.g. MiFID, OGAW V / UCITS V, AIFMD, FATCA); Transparent & audit-proof processing, sophisticated control functionalities; Best fit for your operating model & business processes


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