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BPS is comprehensive ECM Solution that offers variety of premade customizable modules. BPS handles large number of process participants and documents, brings advantage by integrating with Core system.

Asseco BPS is comprehensive ECM with business process automation, and is in  production for more than 5 years, by integrating with Core systems it provides centralized content repository and ensures compliance by providing option to define mandatory set of documentation per dossier. Asseco BPS supports both Web and Desktop client application. With many pre-developed modules, Asseco BPS allows clients to easily change existing and automate new processes.
Asseco BPS is developed according to SOA principles and by using Web Services it can be integrated with 3rd party software.
Some of the references:
•    Bank scans and handles more than 65 million pages per year using Asseco BPS
•    Bank automated

Some of BPS Modules:
-    Automation of Account Opening Process Module
-    Loan Origination Process Automation Module
-    Foreign Exchange Documentary Process Automation Module
-    Deposit Operations Module
-    Card Management Module
-    Automation of Safe Content Sending Module
-    Board Meetings Automation Module
-    Input Management Module


Asseco BPS is licensed per user and Input management module per scanned pages per year.
BPS from Asseco SEE delivers sophisticated, end-to-end automated business procedures that centralize, accelerate, and greatly increase the accuracy of finance content management. Multiple modules address differing banking
issues, and each carries the possibility of KPI monitoring, easy reporting, and integration with core banking systems. In each case, paper-handling is substantially reduced or eliminated.
Optional modules include:
• Account Opening Process Automation.
Handles the entire process of opening an account, beginning with identification of the client, and including acquisition of data regardless of its source: paper, web, phone, e-mail or other. Defines the various account parameters
(account type, limits, reserves, defining activities) and can integrate with Core Banking Services. Automation speeds processing and ensures all steps are completed as required.
• Loan Origination Process Automation.
Fully automates loan processing, whether to large corporate clients or small, medium and micro-clients (micro business loans, short-term loans, working capital loans, overdraft loans), as well as retail loans to individuals (cash loans, housing loans, entrepreneur loans). Includes preparation of data for loan decisions, and integration with Core Banking Loan solutions.
• Foreign Exchange Documentary Process Automation.
Enables creation of an electronic Case for the foreign exchange activities of each bank client. The Case integrates documentation, SWIFT messages, and payment orders with the Core bank application for foreign exchange.
The entire process of nostro/loro remittances is recorded in the electronic Case. At any time, a user can scan additional documentation and add it to the Case. This module is in strict compliance with the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations, and the accompanying bylaws, with the application of international regulations and standards.
A comprehensive enterprise content management solution for financial institutions that offers a variety of banking and financial modules. Developed for efficiency by Asseco SEE.
• Integrates with Core Banking Systems
• Built on proven and secure Documentum® technologies
• Optional modules tailor solution to needs
• Creates centralized electronic repository for client cases
• Automates account opening and many other processes
• Helps ensure compliance of customer case files and business procedures
• High availability and data integrity
• Easy reporting functions
• Deposit Operations.
This module provides safe and efficient domestic and international depository operations for legal entities. By integration with the Core Banking System for Credit Depositary business and Foreign Credit business, all documents and data that are generated in Core banking system are automatically transferred to Asseco BPS in the corresponding electronic Case. This module is tightly related to the Account Opening Process module.
• Card Management.
This module automates the process of issuing Debit, Charge, and Credit Payment Cards, including cards for instalment selling for legal entities and physical persons. Includes preparation of data for issuance decisions. Also tightly related to the Account Opening Process module.
• Mandatory Reports Process Automation.
This module enables revision-safe document archiving, automated document exchanges outside the organization, timely user notification about the results of content processing, automated lifecycle document
management, digital documents signing, search, and document history tracking
• Board Meetings Automation.
This module automates the business process of board meetings, and provides centralized archiving of materials from meetings, as well as documents generated for meetings. Greatly increases working effectiveness and integrates resources, information, and business procedures.
• Input Management.
This module offers intelligent document capture using scanners and multi-functional peripherals, as well as e-mail servers and network shared folders. The Input Management Module includes high-volume paper documents processing of payment orders, checks, and POS slips, from the branch level to the central office. Scanned images are exported to Asseco SEE BPS or an existing CMS system



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