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By  Doctricks AB

Integrate your system with OpenText StreamServe Collector archive through simple url requests.
In version 4 of StreamServe there was a way to interact with the RePrint document archive through simple  URLs. It was possible to search and fetch archived documents by passing various parameters to the urlsearch.asp  page at the RePrint web root. With the release 5 of OpenText StreamServe the RePrint archive was replaced with the  Collector archive. This new component however lacked a similar way to interact through simple URLs. As there are many applications that rely on this functionality Doctricks has developed docLinker. Simply configure and start up  the docLinker and you will have URL functionality working again.


The application works with simple GET requests and parameter passing in the request string. The request may require  authentication either by basic authentication using name and password or by passing these as parameters inline with  the request string. A request may also be locked down to only be allowed from certain IP addresses. 

There are currently three services or methods that can be used to interact with your archive: 

  • documentSearch, used for searching documents, will return a list 
  • documentSearchGet, used for searching documents, will return the document if one found, if more list of documents 
  • getDocuments, used for returning a document, will return the document if one found 

The response can be delivered either as responsive html5 for display directly within a client browser or as xml for  further processing on the client side.

Doctricks AB

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