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By  VILT Portugal

Hermes is a catalogue of OpenText WEM modules, components and extensions that provides added value features to the content editors, Marketing and IT allowing to accelerate the time-to-market of WEM projects and to deliver a true unique customer experience.

Hermes for OpenText provides modules that deliver specific features to content editors, marketing managers, IT managers and ultimately to the end user or visitor of the web site. Some of the included modules are aimed to accelerate a new web initiative, such as a sample web application template or sample hybrid mobile application and others provide nice features to the end user, such as the ability to subscribe to content channels to receive notifications whenever new content is available or the ability to filter the search results based on content category, content type & date facets. 

Marketing is key to any web initiative, and that’s why some modules are designed to provide marketing teams with additional capabilities to attract and convert their audience while measuring the results.  The content editors are offered with a set of value features like spell checking, content approval workflows, translation services integrations, video services integrations & more. 

Finally, some modules are designed to offer powerful tools to the IT teams, like cluster deployment management, Nagios monitoring integration or automatic content model documentation generation.  All the modules included in Hermes for OpenText are in use in several OpenText WEM customers worldwide and are a result from more than 13 years delivering successful WEM projects.


Each Hermes module is autonomous and has no dependency on other modules. The modules can be customised to fully adapt to the design and content management strategy of each specific organisation.

VILT Portugal

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