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AIMF based Correspondent & Partner Directory

By  ProcessNet S.r.l.

Based on our AIMF framework, CPD [Correspondent & Partner Directory] features intuitive master-data management capability to create and maintain counterpart IDs.

ProcessNet designed its Correspondent & Partner Directory as a simple set of additional forms (tables) which store all relevant information required to identify whom we are exchanging documents and messages with.  Our “single form” approach provides all users a common UI to handle such info in an accurate and timely manner, in order to: 

  • Add new counterparts, avoiding inaccurate or duplicated entries 
  • Edit entries, according to their natural evolution over time 
  • Browse for counterpart IDs, in order to create additional metadata for the relevant CS objects. 

Having a robust Correspondent & Partner Master Data in place within Content Server will deliver unique tracking & reporting capabilities to most, if not all, CS users, as nowadays most of the business processes we deal with imply interaction with external entities.  Quality, Procurement, Sales, Technical, Legal, HR, Admin… users will simply love the additional set of info provided by our CPD


Correspondent & Partner Directory can handle:

Legal entities, such as:

  • Groups
  • Organizations
Organization entities, such as:
  • Departments
  • Teams
Individuals, such as:
  • Single contact points
  • Group members

ProcessNet S.r.l.

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