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easyeDOCS for Open Text eDOCS


easyeDOCS is an Open Source web client for Open Text eDOCS DM. Easy to use, secure and designed for the best user experience.
easyeDOCS is an Open Source PHP web application which implements OWC’s eDOCS Integration Solution. The application allows users to interact with their eDOCS library in an intuitive way, minimizing the work necessary to share documents.    easyeDOCS users can view the files of a shared folder, upload and download documents and document versions to their local machine, or even to OpenText Tempo or Dropbox when the feature is enabled.    Easily installable (under one hour) and fully configurable, easyeDOCS makes navigating and uploading to eDOCS libraries a snap, even for the uninitiated eDOCS user.     Additionally, the documented code can be examined to see how to combine OWC’s eDOCS Integration Solution methods to achieve complex tasks, such as:    Uploading a file, inheriting properties and setting permissions.  Removing a file from a folder and deleting it from the repository.  Determining a user’s permission level on files and folders.  Retrieving a folder’s contents or searching for documents by content and metadata.  Working with workspaces and workspace contents.  Sharing documents via social collaboration tools like OpenText Tempo or Dropbox, etc


easyeDOCS is implemented in PHP with the CodeIgniter framework, using the MVC architecture.    easyeDOCS performs its client-side actions and asynchronous calls with the jQuery JavaScript library and uses jqGrid to display folder contents and search results.    easyeDOCS integrates seamlessly with Internet Information Services to provide silent domain user authentication and logging to the Windows Event Log.    easyeDOCS uses a documented XML configuration file to specify WS URL, connection credentials, eDOCS library and more.


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