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By  Cerillion Technologies Ltd

Cerillion CRM & Billing is an end-to-end BSS/OSS solution for fixed, mobile, cable and multi-play communications services providers (CSPs) worldwide.

As a pre-integrated business support system, Cerillion provides a functionally rich, end-to-end CRM & Billing solution with a very effective total cost of ownership. Pre-integration enables rapid implementation, and functional depth provides the flexibility of best-of-breed modules, but with the guaranteed forward compatibility with other modules in the suite.

The Cerillion system was designed for convergence from the start. Many customers are using Cerillion to manage all their fixed and mobile services from a single installation. Add to that the convergence of voice, data and content which can all be managed within the same system, and the ability to mix and manage prepaid and postpaid from the same set-up and you have a truly convergent solution.

Cerillion Technologies Ltd

Cerillion Technologies Ltd

Cerillion Technologies Ltd


Cerillion CRM & Billing is a complete BSS solution composed of the following key modules:

  • Revenue Manager - a convergent billing and revenue management solution
  • Convergent Charging System - a 3GPP compliant online and offline convergent charging and policy management system
  • CRM Plus - a comprehensive CRM solution that integrates all aspects of the customer relationship lifecycle
  • Service Manager - complete service lifecycle management solution for fixed, mobile, cable and convergent services
  • Mediator Plus - a convergent (online and offline) mediation solution for all types of usage including fixed, mobile, IP, content and transactional systems
  • Self Service - a complete online sales and self-service account management portal
  • Output Streamer - a powerful document fulfilment tool, providing flexible design, production and distribution control of invoices and other customer communications
  • Information Manager - a powerful business intelligence and reporting suite

These are described further on the Cerillion website at:

Cerillion Technologies Ltd

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