Cerillion Skyline

By  Cerillion Technologies Ltd

Cerillion Skyline is a powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) billing application for the next generation of subscription and usage-based services.

Designed specifically for the cloud, but built on more than 20 years' experience delivering high performance on-premise billing and transaction processing systems, Cerillion Skyline is scalable to support from a few thousand to many millions of subscriptions and is available for both public cloud and private cloud deployments.

Cerillion Skyline comes in four pre-packaged editions, each with incremental functionality, to support all subscription-based businesses from start-ups to large corporations. Each edition comes with its own support service, and customers can upgrade their Cerillion Skyline edition to access additional functionality at any time.

Cerillion Technologies Ltd


Full details of Cerillion Skyline can be found on our website at:  http://www.cerillionskyline.com/en/key-features/

Cerillion Technologies Ltd

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