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Project Document Console

By  ProcessNet S.r.l.

Project Document Console is a fully integrated engineering process solution, ranging from ENG subcontracting to client’s approval.

Project Document Console (PDC) is designed to track the lifecycle of all Project documents that must be transmitted to the customer to gain their approval.
Viewpoint: Project Manager / Document Controller
Business impact: Operations, Engineering and Quality. Project Team members in charge of tracking Project documents’ progress.
User interface: WebReports and Mobile APS (iOS and Android)


The process starts when an initial list (SDRL) of documents is agreed to with the customer, and customer coding rules and due dates are defined. Each document is tracked during its generation (ENG subcontractor), internal validation, transmittal and commenting, up to the final approval by the customer. This iterative process can occur several times for the same document. Our solution is based on a process workflow for the management of every single document. A multi-project Console aggregates document status at project level and generate real time S curves. Document controllers can slice and dice on documents, view document history, and trigger proper actions. Detailed reporting can be exported to Excel and sent to the customer upon demand.

ProcessNet S.r.l.

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