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ContentLink Outside

By  Formark Consulting Ltd.

Leverage your investment in Web Reports and ActiveView. Formark’s ContentLink Outside Content Server enables users to easily (but securely) share the information in Content Server with their clients, suppliers and other external partners.

Leverage your investment in Web Reports and ActiveView!

ContentLink Outside provides a highly secure and easy to use interface for internal and external users within an organization to collaborate.

ContentLink Outside ensures that external users don’t lose track of where they are, that they see only the valid and relevant options at any time, and that those options pertain to the business at hand.

All information submitted and shared with external users is stored within Content Server and can leverage Content Server’s Records Management capabilities.

Formark Consulting Ltd.

Formark Consulting Ltd.

Formark Consulting Ltd.


ContentLink is designed around a presentation framework structure which describes the layout of various object types (documents, folders, discussions, tasks and projects) into a multi-window presentation. The intent is to simplify the Content Server user interface, while providing different windows (IFrames) which perform specific user functions, oriented around a particular solution’s functionality.

ContentLink Outside, a derivative of ContentLink, is targeted at facilitating collaboration between internal and external users (who have no knowledge of Content Server). The Content Server “Project” object is used as the container object to facilitate collaboration.  The solution imposes very tight user access controls, ensuring tight security with different areas of ContentLink Outside. A very simple user interface is presented, with a limited set of user functions supporting collaboration are available, greatly reducing the need for user training. 

Formark Consulting Ltd.

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