Esri integration for eDOCS

By  One Fox B.V.

Bring the map directly to your favorite DMS client with the Esri integration for eDOCS. Allowing you to connect your content to its geographic location and finding all relevant documents faster through the map.

The Esri integration for eDOCS combines two of the most used business solutions: OpenText eDOCS and Esri ArcGIS. The seamless integration of Esri within your eDOCS client gives you new ways of viewing, finding and accessing your content through the map, while maximizing your existing business investments.


Bridge the gap between GIS & DMS with Esri integration for eDOCS. Giving you entirely new ways of accessing and searching your content while your content and its location information are stored in and managed by eDOCS. The connection to ESRI within your eDOCS environment allows you to connect your documents to their geographic location and display them on the map. Giving you insight into the geographic distribution of your content and accessing them through location coordinates or ESRI feature layers.

One Fox B.V.

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