Mobile DM

By  One Fox B.V.

Bring Your Own Device to eDOCS with Mobile DM. The HTML5 business app that allows your users to access their documents in eDOCS DM/RM with the tablet of their choice.

Mobile DM is a business app on top of eDOCS DM/RM that works completely platform independent. In accordance with BYOD, your users can open and search their documents in eDOCS anytime, anywhere and on any tablet (iPad, Android and Windows 8).


One Fox Mobile DM gives you direct access to your documents in eDOCS DM/RM on any tablet. Bringing you all major eDOCS features, like Recent edited documents, Quick and Saved searches, Work spaces, File plan and Public folders. So your users can access and search their documents in eDOCS, while your organizations only needs one app to support the different platform types in your organization.

One Fox B.V.

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