By  One Fox B.V.

One Fox WebDOCS answers the call for an intuitive, fast and easy to use web-client for OpenText eDOCS DM/RM. Giving you an alternative web-client for your eDOCS platform.

Unlock your content in eDOCS through an intuitive web-client solution for your eDOCS platform that solves the limitations of the eDOCS user interface. WebDOCS combines the characteristic properties and usability of a desktop application and presents them in a Rich Internet Application (RIA) that allows you to access, preview, open and edit your documents.


One Fox WebDOCS allows eDOCS users to easily access, preview, open and edit their documents in eDOCS in an intuitive interface. While your organization is saved the trouble and costs of installing, upgrading and maintaining client applications. One Fox WebDOCS is easy to adapt to your organization and is open to integration with other systems and data. The web-client supports all standard eDOCS operations, metadata, while respecting the business rules defined in eDOCS.

One Fox B.V.

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