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By  DSA Polska

DSA VPAT extends OpenText MBPM giving users a fast and convenient way to verify the state and history of the business process.

DSA VPAT extends OpenText MBPM  and gives an opportunity to track the history of OpenText MBPM workflow in full reference to current process map. In context of process instance completed stages are colored and the stages that have not been taken are greyed. For every stage user can see detailed information about historical events in handy pop-up window. DSA VPAT can automatically build simplified view of process which looks like tram route and allow to track process history even easier (e.g. on every form header).    

Thanks to DSA VPAT: 
• Visual presentation of process history is much more convenient and less time-consuming for users. 
• Users are capable to view the process stages they can assess the level of its fulfillment.  
• It is possible to assess business situation in the process very quickly and respond to any customer questions regarding their case immediately.

DSA Polska

DSA Polska


DSA VPAT is available as OpenText MBPM library. Attached documentation (english) describes how to include DSA VPAT as part of own libraries and personalize look & feel and behaviors.  DSA VPAT fully supports multi-language capabilities of OpenText MBPM.

DSA Polska

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