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Crosswind for eDOCS

By  Wertheim Global Solutions

The Crosswind Suite for eDOCS consists of two products designed to facilitate migrations into eDOCS. Crosswind 6-2-5 is for migrating from eDOCS 6.x to eDOCS 5.x; Crosswind for iManage is for migrating from iManage Worksite to eDOCS 5.x.

Crosswind 6-2-5 and Crosswind for iManage both deliver an easy-to-use, cost effective method for automating migrations from either eDOCS 6.x or iManage Worksite into eDOCS 5.x.


Both Crosswind 6-2-5 and Crosswind for iManage bring metadata (including users and group), documents, folders, security, etc. into eDOCS 5.x. Crosswind 6-2-5 also brings both workspaces, records and supplemental security markings in as well.

Wertheim Global Solutions

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