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AKEM Checklist

By  Aktive Reply SRL

AKEM Checklist, an addon module to OpenText Extended ECM Content Manager (xECM), which is an enabler to build complex document management processes.

With AKEM Checklist one can quickly design and implement customized workflows, including internal and external stakeholders, and integrating steps on external processes (such as digital signature) and internal services of the company.

In all companies there are many processes that operate on lists of documents, and these documents must be submitted by many stakeholders, some of which are often outside the company itself (vendors, partners, customers…). This documents must be then validated by other subject and eventually approved by others. This kind of processes include qualification (of customers, vendors), access enablement, tender document submission, plant inspection and many others. AKEM Checklist enable the customer to implement quickly and easily such processes.


A module based on Open Text xECM Suite which can be installed and custimized to suite customer needs.

Aktive Reply SRL

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