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OpenText Resilient Workforce Analytics for Magellan by AWE

By  Agile Work Evolutions Inc

NA’s 1st Workforce Analytics SaaS cloud sol’n providing employers with in-depth workforce profile, triple bottom line dashboard (profit, people, planet) and what-if scenario forecasting of employee, economic and environmental impacts to inform sustainable workplace strategies.

North America’s first Workforce Analytics SaaS cloud solution that empowers

  1. employees with a voice, 
  2. employers with in-depth workforce profiling, and triple bottom line dashboard reporting (people, planet, profit) to inform workplace strategies and its impact on real estate accommodation, policies, processes and other aspects of the business. 

Upon cloud solution deployment, OT customers can: 

  • Determine their sustained workforce strategy and its impact on their space, real estate and environmental footprint         
  • Discover quantifiable savings as a result of various accommodation options
  • Learn other benefits such as increases in productivity, lowered absenteeism and improved talent attraction and retention.


Resilient Workforce Analytics is an AWE-hosted SaaS solution with architecture supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS). There is an automated system email linking the user to the product, following primary user information/upload by the client Single Point of Contact (SPOC). There is no software download or license keys required. There is a five-step user guide to support the onboarding of clients.   

Following survey deployment and user completion, where the respondent receives a personal profile, client management receives three data dashboards:

  • Organization profile
  • Impact dashboard
  • scenario planning dashboard, informing the client of the options and resulting impacts of adopting a workplace strategy (inclusive of remote working) based on aggregate respondent data.  

Agile Work Evolutions Inc

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