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complon® xECM16 Business Solution for Service

By  complon GmbH

The complon® xECM Business Solution for SERVICE is a modular process driven preconfigured end-to-end digitalization, collaboration and archiving solution for the After Sales and Services Organization.

complon® xECM Business Solutions are Partner solutions that build on top of the opentext™ Extended ECM platform.    Benefits of complon® Business Solutions:  Salesforce® + SAP® + Microsoft® + opentext™ + complon® results in End-to-End Digitalization    Modularization > selected Business Process scope  Standardization > Best practice alignment of Processes and Documentation  Automation > huge Efficiency gains  Fastlane Best-Practice implementation, Data security and Compliance.


The solution provides Property Providers for Service and Aftersales related Business Objects listed below, as well as their parent-child relationships according and especially with the complon® End-to-End Data Model.     Modular programming allows a simpler, cheaper operation, extensions or maintenance due to capsuled functions of redundant methods.   

 A dedicated, predefined (Template based) Workspace within the ECM OpenText platform is created per Salesforce Record: 

   • Case 

   • Account   

   • Contract   

   • Quote 

   • Sales Order     

A Service or Sales team member can access such a workspace to:     

• navigate and retrieve (read) documents   

• easily modify existing documents   

• add new documents (drag&drop)   

• from within the Salesforce web interface in addition to the Windows Explorer, Microsoft Outlook and native ECM Web-Interface.

complon GmbH

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