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OpenText Video Workflow and Tagging for Media Management by IPV

By  IPV Ltd

Video Workflow and Tagging for Media Management by IPV allows companies to edit, archive, transcode and deliver programs and content. It uses professional production tools and OpenText Media Management (OTMM) to manage the rich media assets in a secure and accessible library.

Video Workflow and Tagging for Media Management solutions offer best of breed technology and applications for media and broadcast, corporate video production and marketing. These sophisticated video tools provide integrated work-in-progress, professional editing, video logging, tagging, collaboration, review and approval, plus secure access to share, deliver and use finished assets. This solution enhances the creative video efforts with rich metadata to manage content delivery, accelerate time to market and increase return on investment. Advanced Video Workflow extends Media Management video capabilities, providing IPV’s specialized tools and applications for professional media production. Ingest, collaboration and creative processes during the production, work in progress phase with many derivatives and versions managed in OTMM.

Product Highlights
• Simultaneous ingest of multiple video streams or files
• Automated production of storyboards and addition of metadata
• Production of frame accurate Proxies for support of search, browse, edit, review and approve workflows
• Enhanced technical metadata and tagging, version and relationship tracking
• Workflows supporting the creation of rough-cut edits, EDLs and new clips
• Publish video clips to the web, social media sites, CDNs, etc.
• Proxy stored in Media Management for wider use and distribution
• Integration with Telestream Vantage transcode
• Integrated with Adobe Premiere for advanced craft edit capability, also supports Avid and Apple Final Cut
• Integrated with major archiving systems for archive video content, Non-Linear Editors such as Premiere, AVID and Final Cut and Video Ingest and transcoding services

Value Proposition
• Enhances the customers video production and effectively reducing storage (proxies are 2% of the size of the Hi-Res file)
• Faster production of video content, especially in a distributed environment, reduces costs of video production and enables organizations to use remote workers effectively
• Improve the quality of video output, especially for corporate type customers. Advanced Video Workflow enables them to make better use of the content by re-purposing it for uses such as social media, promotional video and websites


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