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OpenText eDOCS Integration for Microsoft SharePoint by SeeUnity

By  SeeUnity

OpenText eDOCS Integration for Microsoft SharePoint by SeeUnity solution makes the integration of DM systems and external systems like SharePoint simple. This solution can surface from within an app that will show your DM content directly within the application.

OpenText eDOCS Integration for Microsoft SharePoint by SeeUnity holds the same functionality of DM Extensions for SharePoint, plus archiving and bi-directional synchronization of content between SharePoint and eDOCS. Seamlessly connect, collaborate, and stay compliant. Leverage powerful SharePoint federated search across all repositories.

Product Highlights
• Centralized access to your content with a customizable display
• Configurable federated search across multiple repositories from a single interface
• Extends native functionalities of SharePoint directly into web interface, such as check in/check-out
• Drag and drop to upload documents into your system of record
• View and edit with Microsoft Office Online
• Real-time security trimming
• Configurable rules-based synchronization to archive, publish, or a bi-directionally sync content between systems
o Publish documents from eDOCS to your SharePoint extranet
o Bi-directionally synchronize documents across repositories
o Archive documents to your repository of choice and optionally delete or replace documents with a link or stub
• Security trimmed sync can be automated or user initiated
• Administrators can control what content is synced and when
• Advanced auditing capabilities

Value Proposition
• Increase Efficiency and Productivity– Simplify workflow by securely integrating with all of your best-in-class business applications. Surface your eDOCS DM and other ECM systems content within a single SharePoint user interface. Provide an efficient way to quickly search and return relevant security trimmed results.
• Increase User Adoption – Enable users to work within SharePoint to access and manage their DMS and other repositories content.
• Enable Secure Collaboration – Support collaborative workspaces internally and externally
• Maintain Governance and Compliance – Control content lifecycle by archiving content interactively or automatically back to eDOCS DM. Maintain one version of the truth.


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